Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bob Jones

Bob Jones! This weekend my friends, family and I made a paper mache monster. His name is Bob. Bob Jones. He's a bit nerdy, a bit geeky, super friendly. An engineer working for Area 51. Why is he so happy? Because he's going home. How? Well, this particular monster travels by converting himself to pure energy, best accomplished through fire. Yes. We're going to burn him. In a big bonfire at the beach. It'll be a great party! What's it called?

The First Annual Burning Bob!

It's like Burning Man, except he's Bob. He'll be back, in some form, each year, to be burned again. We're thinking sometime in June. The guests will come in their favorite nerdy-geeky outfit. Geek Squad? Klingon? Storm Trooper? Pokemon Master? The sky's the limit. We love nerds. We are nerds. We're cool. But we're nerds. Yay!

Stay tuned for further developments. In the mean time, enjoy THE MAKING OF BOB!

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