Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I read Coraline to my daughter a couple of months ago. It was instantly one of our favorite books. We were very excited about the movie. It did not disappoint in any way. It's very rare to find a movie that so well preserves the spirit of the book. We will be enjoying both the book and the movie again soon. I recommend you do so as well.

Here I did a design of "The Cat" from the book and used it as a retro-pulp book cover. See my original post on my art blog. I designed the book cover and title, using pictures of a button and needle I posterized, then I used the book texture and instructions found here. I was partly inspired by Spacesick's wonderful I Can Read Movies series. There's also a series by M. S. Corley that's quite wonderful. And enjoy the art of those that actually contributed to the movie.

Here's the best part... The author of Coraline, Neil Gaiman himself, praised my book cover! That was a major rush. Got lots of visits from fellow fans. He just added my name to a blog post as well! Seems the Internet has made illustration almost a performance art. :)

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